About English

AliceTHE QUEEN fell down Alice’s rabbit hole into a wonderland where the adventures are grand, the people distinctive, and the language wondrous strange. Her story is all about what an English major can expect at Defiance College. Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole.

STUDENTS in English get excited about different forms of creative writing and enjoy discussing the world of literature, film, and other aesthetic experiences. Professors work closely with students to develop their thinking, writing, and creative abilities in a context that is sensitive to current trends in the discipline as well as to the larger, media-driven world.

PROGENY, the Defiance College literary and art magazine, is run by a student editorial board, with an English prof as their adviser. English majors are often involved with the production of the college newspaper, The Defender.

Click on the following link for the English Brochure (2018)

For more information, contact MC Harper or Todd Comer:

email: mcharper_at_defiance.edu
web: http://mcharper.faculty.defiance.edu/
phone: 419-783-2461

email: tcomer_at_defiance.edu
web: http://toddcomer.com/
phone: 419-783-2348

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