English Major Checklist

Recommended activities to build your knowledge base, resume (or CV), and improve your marketability:


_____Select a complementary minor(s) or major to go along with English. Whereas English is a broad and valuable major that allows you to go into editing, writing, business, law, education, etc., the addition of a more directly applied major or minor prepares you for a specific field and increases your appeal on the job market. If you want to be a technical writer and you are interested in health issues, a major in English and minor in Autism, for instance, might be a good combination to leverage your way into a medical company. Majors: Design, Accounting, Digital Forensic Science, Athletic Training, Criminal Justice, Education, Graphic Design, Nursing, Restoration Ecology, Social Work. Minors: Marketing, Economics, Autism Studies

______Progeny, edit or write for the literary magazine (link)

______The Defender, edit or write (link)

______Work as a writing consultant. Ask for a referral from Todd or MC who will contact Lisa Crumit-Hancock

______Present paper at the Arts and Humanities Symposium (multiple times if headed to graduate school).

______Submit paper, critical or creative work, for consideration at off campus conference (SSML in Lansing, Ray Browne Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies in Bowling Green)

______SwampFire Retreat (contact MC to be considered for this annual event)

______Remain in close contact with Todd and MC about your career prospects (remember we will write you letters of recommendation at the end of this process).

______Travel with the department to Chicago, or Stratford, Ontario, etc.

______Participate in the Honors Symposium and the Honors Program (contact Mary Ann Studer).

______Get involved with Project 701, participating in ways that strengthen writing skills.

______Apply for a McMaster School trip (your proposal should be grounded in your major in some manner)

______Create an online presence on LinkedIn (relatedly, control and moderate all other online information–i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc–to be consistent with the persona of a young professional).

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