Progeny, The Defender, etc.

The following links include resources for the general needs of students as well as resources specifically for English majors and minors.

The English Department of Defiance College sponsors several publications. We encourage students to develop their creative writing and technical skills by contributing to the following publications:

Progeny, the DC literary and photography magazine (in print and online format)

The Defender, the Defiance College newspaper

Resources on the Defiance College campus to help with learning, thinking, studying, writing, and researching:

The Learning Commons and the Writing & Reading Studio are located on the first floor of Pilgrim Library. Go here to meet with a Writing Consultant, find study guides for national tests like the Education PRAXIS test, the LSAT, or the GRE, or meet a study tutor or study group.

The DC Pilgrim Library contains numerous links for researching a wide range of topics. It also includes links to guide students through the process of using and citing documents in essays.

Websites of regional and national undergraduate conferences, and a professional conference that supports student presentations:

Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature Conference
―Professional conference at Michigan State University

A “Call for Papers” clearing house for the dissemination of topics that are discussed in various conferences and symposia:

This“Call for Papers” website is maintained by the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of English to help researchers find appropriate conferences and symposia for their interests and work. Students use this clearing house to help identify current topics for research as they prepare for graduate studies.

Clearing houses for literary magazines and a direct link to a magazine that encourages and accepts first-time submitters:

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